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To become a member of Cochrane, refer to the Join Cochrane page.

Authors: the editorial team is available to offer support, resources and training to those wanting to write a systematic review. Generally authors have expertise in a particular area within the scope of the CIG. Authors are required to complete the protocol for their review within two months of registering the review title.  Reviews must be written in English, and must be submitted using Review Manager 5 software (training in the use of this software is provided). 

Peer referees: peer referees are invited to comment on particular reviews according to their area of interest or methodological expertise. To ensure that reviews are of a high standard, both protocols and completed reviews are refereed prior to publication in the Cochrane Library. Referees are requested to return their comments to the CIG within two weeks.

Handsearchers: Cochrane authors rely on several means of searching for trials, including searching conference abstracts (printed and electronic) relevant to the Group's area of interest. Volunteers play an important role by undertaking handsearching of conference abstracts to ensure that all relevant papers are identified. Most often handsearching is conducted in relation to a particular review topic, however general searching for trials to add to the Injuries Group trials register is a continuous process. We provide training and guidance for all our volunteers.

Translators: as a consequence of the Injuries Group's commitment to search for and incorporate all relevant trials irrespective of language, we sometimes require the assistance of volunteer translators. Knowledge in a subject area is an advantage, but it is not necessary. We always welcome new translators in all languages to join our team.

Consumers: people using health services, 'consumers', provide useful input at all stages of the systematic review process, from identifying and prioritising research questions to ensuring that the completed review is clear and accessible to everybody. If you are a consumer and are interested in the work of the Injuries Group, please contact us. If you would like to know more about how consumers are involved in the work of Cochrane, visit the Cochrane Consumer Network at 

Let us know how you would like to be involved!  Our collaborators are involved by writing editorials about our reviews, recording podcasts, creating educational videos for YouTube, tweeting about our reviews, adding information to Wikipedia about our work and so forth.  To suggest how you would like to be involved, please contact